What is Broomball?


Think of a combination of soccer and hockey!

Each player has a broom-like stick, teams are made up of as many or as few players as you choose, and the goal is to get the small ball into your goal using your "brooms."  The twist is that broomball is played in street shoes! 


Brooms, balls, and goals will be supplied by KHS.  Shoes with grips and padding/protection are optional. Customize your game with your own music and keep score using our scoreboard! 



Broomball Is A Fantastic Way To Share Fun With:

- Coworkers - Church Groups - Youth Groups -

- Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts - Birthday Parties -

- Sorority & Fraternity Socials - Social Clubs & Organizations -

- Graduation Parties - Corporate Events - Reunions -

For all Broomball Inquires and Bookings :

Masha Lodnia

(714) 422-1236 ext 101   •

Caitlyn Cogis

(714) 422-1236 ext 107   •